She Bought A Broken Desk For $15. When She’s Done With It? She Could EASILY Sell It For $100!

This project was a part of an “under $20” challenge, and Gail took to it with a lot of optimism! She bought this broken desk for $15 and used supplies that she had on hand to finish. First, she took out the drawers and detached the “desk” part of the desk and detached the bases.


These two pieces will eventually be stuck together to create something REALLY amazing!4.15a3

She used a small table that she had lying around as a new base, and attached the two drawers together with plywood as a buffer. It’s starting to take shape!4.15a4

Securing everything took time and patience, but it’s all starting to come together!4.15a5

She created the top and base with new plywood. She also decided that those drawer handles were a little dated. She took them off and replaced them with much prettier ones.4.15a6She even put in a striped layer inside of the drawers! What a neat surprise.


The finished product. I would have NEVER guessed that it was a broken, worn out desk just days before!4.15a7This is a modern piece that is perfect for a hallway or entryway, or even the landing on a staircase! Although, in my house, those drawers might quickly be filled with “junk” that doesn’t quite make it to the next room. Spare school supplies, the odd bits of toys, and probably a handful of uncapped markers would fit perfectly in those kid-sized drawers…

What would you do with this awesome work of art? It’s gorgeous!

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