She Bought $15 Worth Of Tulle And MADE Her Prom Dress The Night Before. Wait Until You SEE It!

Shami Oshun is a 17-year-old girl who was stunned the internet with her last-minute prom dress. She wasn’t one of the hundreds of thousands of teens who went out to purchase an expensive gown for prom this year. Instead, she decided to make one herself…but she cut it kind of close! After buying $15 worth of bright purple tulle netting, she started her project the night before prom…and decided to live-tweet her experience.

She decided to scavenge some jewels and beads from an old dress first, and made a general outline on a mannequin.The dress was taking shape, but she needed to make some short-cuts on her design. She used this plain white dress as a base and began sewing the tulle onto it. Halfway through, her sewing machine broke and she had to sew the rest by hand!

It didn’t stop her. She worked as late as she dared and decided to finish up the next day.
No one expected her to end up with this majestic creation. Her gown looks like a couture design that might have cost thousands of dollars from a boutique. People were stunned. The designer is already making a name for herself, with custom hand-made items for sale in her online shop. She doesn’t just dream big – she’s jumping head-first into the challenges life throws at her, and she isn’t stopping anytime soon.

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