She Asked Her Ex A Simple Question About Their Daughter And He Replied With This Picture. The Reason Is Melting Hearts!

Danielle G. knew that co-parenting with her ex would be difficult, but they were both resolved to get through it together. So, when she sent him a text asking a very simple question, she wasn’t expecting an answer that went so far beyond what should have been a one-word answer…and people are losing it! 

Growing up without your parents together is hard, but if those parents can work everyday together and separately to make their child’s future a good one, then you’ve done your best. We may not have the picture perfect life, but everything we do is for her. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that and you can get wrapped up in trying to be “right” all the time. Co-parenting is hard. But then you have realizations.

Yesterday, my daughter told me I NEED to buy more nail-polish “like daddy has at his house.” So out of curiosity and to check out my nail-polish competition, I asked him what he uses. He replied back with a picture that melted my heart:14 polishes. Lined up for her to pick which one she wants. Even apart we can still make sure she feels loved, happy, and complete.”

Even though their relationship failed, they put their own feelings aside in order to give their daughter the best life possible. Most separations and divorces end in anger; one parent trying to make the other look as bad as possible in the child’s eyes, or undermining the decisions of the other without caring how it will affect the child…

But these two separate people have figured out a way to co-exist peacefully, putting the needs of the child above their own. And that in itself is an admirable thing.

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