She Asked Her Dad To Dog-Sit…And Learned Her Father Had Been Harboring A HUGE Secret

Most people hide their secret talents, and unless you’re ten rounds into Never-Have-I-Ever, most of those secrets will remain a secret…but for Meghan Specksgoor’s dad, his secret couldn’t stay hidden for very long. The best part of it all is that she would never have found out about her dad’s secret talent if she hadn’t needed him to watch her dog, Chance.

Specksgoor was off traveling and couldn’t find a place for Chance to stay…that’s when “grandpa” saved the day!Her dad didn’t have grandchildren, but he didn’t hesitate to give himself the honorary title while watching his daughter’s dog. He then sent his daughter “pupdates” throughout the day as if Chance were writing the messages to his mom!

They went on an outing and even got delicious ice cream! (Well, dad did…the pup didn’t!)

People loved the pictures and she joked that “someone should get this man a grandchild!”A lot of people disagreed. “This man needs more dogs!”

The texts were all sent in “Chance’s voice,” and were just too cute not to share with everyone! He needs to change careers…his secret talent was dog sitting all along!

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