She Arrived At A Home For A Private Party…But What Was Waiting For Her In The Next Room Is MAGICAL!

Amy owns her own business. She dresses up as Cinderella and attends birthday parties for young children – something she does nearly every weekend! While each party is special, it can become routine to expect certain things. She expects to be greeted with dozens of excited children. She expects to hear noise and commotion before even entering the house. She expects for the parents to greet her at the door and escort her to the party area…but when she entered THIS house, it was something that she had never experienced before!


I pushed back the streamers and stepped into a room decked out in white Christmas lights…”


Dreams really do come true! She was suspicious at first…but once she realized that it was all on purpose and all for her, she quickly came to tears! After an entire year of dating, he knew that she was the only girl in the world that could catch his eye! She knew after a short time that he truly was her prince charming! Not all engagement stories are bathed in so much romantic light, but this one is definitely one in a million. There is no topping this gorgeous profession of love! This picture is gorgeous! If only we could all have incredible stories to share like this one!

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