She Accidentally Bought The Wrong Lottery Ticket…And Won $5 Million!

The 46-year-old woman was out shopping when she thought it might be fun try out a small scratch-off ticket. She pointed to the $1 ticket, but the clerk misunderstood and handed her a ticket for $10 instead. She felt bad about the mistake and decided that she wasn’t going to say anything, purchasing the ticket and carrying it around for a while. It traveled around in her bag and she ended up using it as a bookmark while she went about her daily errands. It was big and sturdy…and one day after several weeks had passed, she decided to scratch it and see what she would find.

Much to her surprise, the ticket was a winning ticket. Not only that, it was worth a whopping $5 million!She confessed that she initially thought that the ticket had to have been fake.

I never win anything,” she said.

She plans to receive the money in yearly installments and send her two children to college without having to take out loans. Her immediate plans include a family vacation to the Bahamas, but in the end, she is excited for the way she will be able to help her children succeed in life without having to worry.


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