She Accidentally Bought The Wrong iPhone Case…Her Dad Took It And Became FAMOUS!

Taylor decided to purchase a few iPhone cases off of Amazon. They’re cheap, they have more options and designs than any of the cases you can buy in the store, and they are unique. She chose 3 designs, but soon after, realized that she had purchased the cases for an iPhone 6 Plus instead of her own iPhone 6.
8.5a1She tried to cancel the orders, but she was too late for one. The retailer had already shipped it out, so there was nothing that she could do except wait for it to arrive in the mail.

Her dad had an iPhone 6 Plus, so she gave it to him as a joke. He put it on his phone…and fell in love! He began messing around on his phone, enjoying the fuzzy case in all of its glory.8.5a2And he got a phone call…it was instant love! How hilarious is this phone case? Definitely worth the $12.99 she paid for it!8.5a3Taking selfies is a bit trickier with this fluffy phone case. You have to smooth away the fur – looks like he still needs a bit of practice!8.5a4 The tweet blew up, and companies that make similar phone cases have tried to jump on the bandwagon…advertising that others can buy the phone case for the “low price of $25.” Taylor called them out on doubling the price. We like her already!

This is hilarious – life is too short not to enjoy a fuzzy phone case! Would you use this in your daily life, or is it a little too much?

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