She ABANDONED This Dog In A House That They Called “A Death Trap.” The Judge Gives Her The Most FITTING Sentence!

When Alyssa Morrow pleaded guilty to a charge of animal cruelty, Judge Cicconetti was outraged. He gave her a choice: a jail sentence of 90 days…or something that would teach her a better lesson than jail time.

When Alyssa left her dog, Moose, in a home that wasn’t fit for a human to live in, animal control was called by a concerned neighbor. The home was disgusting and looked as if a hoarder had lived there. Moose had been trapped inside without food and very little water for an entire week.


Alyssa chose to spend 8 hours picking up trash in the county dump, reflecting on how she had mistreated the innocent animal. 4.6a10

She hadn’t taken the sentence too seriously, arriving in a tank top, a skirt, and flip-flops. Sanitation workers gave her a pair of rubber work boots and a shirt while she tidies up and the smelly dump.

The good news is that Moose was quickly adopted, and is now back to normal, putting the whole terrible ordeal behind him.

Alyssa has definitely learned her lesson and has hopefully found some compassion for the animals in her life.

This judge has the right idea. Instead of sentencing people to jail time that won’t necessarily stop their behavior, Judge Cicconetti has come up with unique ways to show people how hurtful their behavior is to the community. Many times, people take his strange punishments instead of months in jail, and they aren’t heard from again…in his line of work, that is a good thing!

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