Shark Bumps Into Him Repeatedly…When It Turns Over, He Realizes Why! Poor Shark!

Joshua Eccles was diving in Florida, enjoying the Atlantic Ocean, when a passing lemon shark caught his attention. Uncharacteristically, the shark kept bumping into him and flipping onto its back. Normally, these sharks aren’t bothered by humans, and while they will sometimes bump into divers…they don’t do it as often as this one was. The strange behavior caused him to try and find out why the shark would have approached him instead of continuing its search for food.

The shark didn’t seem to mind when he touched it, so he decided to look on its underbelly…that’s when he saw a nasty wound! Poking out of the shark’s tough skin was an old hook. He wasn’t scared to help the shark and pried the hook free.It turned out to be a very large piece of equipment that had gotten stuck! He removed it, and while the shark immediately swam away…it kept returning to bump into him a few more times.It seemed that the shark was grateful and trying to say ‘thank you’ in its own special way. The area around the wound was infected, but the shark swam away. Hopefully, it will get a chance to recover now that the pesky hook is gone for good!

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