Seven Kittens Born With A “Fever Coat” Make Incredible Transformations As They Grow

When a mother cat escaped her home and became pregnant, her owner knew that they wouldn’t be able to help her. Caring for a pregnant cat was more than they could handle, so they reached out to a local rescue for help. The Friends for Life Rescue Network agreed to take the mother cat since the owner had no way to pay for the care of the kittens when they would need to be spayed and neutered.

But when the kittens were born, the rescue realized that the mother cat had been through more than just a typical pregnancy. She must have had a fever or stress at one point because all seven of her kittens had been born with a “fever coat,” as stark white fur covered their bodies. As they grew, the white hair began to fall out and their true fur colors grew in over time. Little Bane, Penguin, Venom, Magneto, Joker, Lex Luther, and Riddler were all named after famous villains. One kitten, Joker, came down with a virus and didn’t survive, but for three months lived a snuggly, comfortable life with his mother and siblings.

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The kittens grew strong thanks to the care they received!The kittens were ready to face a new world, and it was all thanks to the thoughtfulness of their mama’s owner!

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