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Senior’s Yearbook Quote Points Out Hypocritical School’s Priorities | HappyTango

Senior’s Yearbook Quote Points Out Hypocritical School’s Priorities

Story after story after story after story about the hypocrisy and unfairness of school dress codes have been surfacing in school districts across the country, and one senior found a way to fight back with her hilarious yearbook quote.

Victoria DiPaolo, a senior from New Jersey, was no stranger to the discrimination displayed at her high school over the dress code. Missing class to change is a regular occurrence for the girls at her school – all over something that is pointedly hypocritical when it came to their class yearbook photos.

My school’s dress code prohibits boys from wearing muscle shirts but they do all the time and don’t get in trouble yet, when my bra strap accidentally slips I have to miss class time to go change. I just think dress codes need to be enforced on both genders if you’re going to choose to have one. But really, people not being allowed to wear tank tops is ridiculous, no one is distracted by shoulders and that’s really where I got the inspiration for my quote.” She wrote.

She has since been applauded by many of the teachers at her school who agree that students shouldn’t be made to miss class over what they choose to wear.

The general consensus at my school — unless you’re the principal — is that the dress code is ridiculous so people have loved the quote so far.” She says.

Whether or not you agree with her stance on the dress code, her quote is hilarious. The glaring hypocrisy is almost blinding.

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