Seeing More Women With Engagement Rings On Their Pinky Fingers? Here’s What It Means…

We’re all familiar with the tradition of receiving a diamond to symbolize a promise of marriage. Big or small, clear or colored, gold or silver, these rings are usually spotted on a woman’s ring finger after a proposal…and for many women, this is their goal in life. They want to find a partner to share their life with and want to show off their new bling as they move forward.

But what about the women who don’t view marriage as their “end game?” Hundreds of thousands of women are buying their own engagement rings for themselves and their friends, wearing them on their pinky fingers as a simple message: Self-love.7.27a4

It’s about celebrating yourself, your goals, your dreams, and your life. It’s a diamond in the shape of a heart and it comes with its own “pinky promise.”7.27a3

They are affordable, too! $150 for sterling silver and $325 for yellow, white, or rose gold.

Women can follow their own happiness. They can focus on their careers, do what they love to do, and be cute about it without giving up the bling – what could be better than that?

single or taken, choosing yourself is the best way to make sure your life is always filled with love ❤️”7.27a2

For the best friends, the moms, the adventurers, the hard workers, and anyone who is searching for someone to love them as much as they love themselves, making a promise to yourself is a great way to go about life. It’s short enough as it is – why not make the most of it and fill it with love?

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