See What She Makes With An Old Wash Cloth, A Pair Of Tongs, And Some Rubber Bands! You NEED This!

Our favorite life hacks are done simply with things we have lying around the house. Is it really a “simple hack” if you have to go out to the store and buy most of the supplies? This one really is simple, and it only takes a few items to complete! Grab a pair of tongs from the kitchen, two dish rags (or cut one old large one in half) and some rubber bands. Follow the instructions, and…4.26a20Wrap the old dish rags around the tongs and secure them in place with the rubber bands. That was it. Hooray! Now you can clean your clunky wooden blinds, the corners inside of shelves, the slats on any appliance, and even the grate on the air conditioning vents.

4.26a21Those hard to reach nooks are no longer hard to reach thanks to this crazy cleaning hack! This contraption may even make cleaning “fun” for the kids if you’ve got them on chore-duty. Sitting next to all of the windows and cleaning each blind with a cloth used to take a solid hour…which is why I have cleaned my blinds¬†maybe¬†5 times in all the years I’ve lived in my house. This trick cut that time down to 15 minutes. Why have I never thought of this before?!4.26a22

The dust leftover after I cleaned my blinds looked like this the first time (it had been months, I’ll admit), but adding this chore to the list kept the blinds much cleaner from week to week! There is only a small amount of dust now that I clean them every few weeks instead of waiting until guests are coming over, and it’s an easy chore to give to any kid that wants to earn a little extra pocket money!

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