See The Hilarious Reason You Should NEVER Work Out Right After Getting A Spray Tan!

Tanning is a favorite part of the summertime to a lot of people, but some prefer the ease of tanning lotion instead of sitting out in the sunlight or using a UV bed. For one young woman, she learned the hard way that combining a fresh coat of self-tanning lotion with sweat and vigorous activity can have hilarious consequences!

The woman from Scotland went for a quick workout at the gym after recently using a self-tanning product, but when she got home and prepared to shower, she noticed that her leg had been marked! Her leggings had left an unmistakable pattern on her skin in the tan.The tight leggings had caused her skin to sweat where the printed letters rubbed against her leg, effectively removing the tan! She couldn’t stop laughing and posted the picture online to show her friends…and laughed even harder when another woman posted a similar picture! Apparently, it’s a rampant problem.

Fortunately, a woman who happened to work at a tanning salon joined the conversation with the best advice:

Girl you gotta wear loose clothing after getting a tan!¬†loose clothes will literally be your best friend after,” she wrote.

Even Adidas chimed in!

Too funny! Has this ever happened to you? Share this with friends who use tanning lotion…and don’t let it happen to them!

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