See The Bodycon Dresses That Were Too Scandalous For Paris In 1908

Women’s fashion has been an ever-changing thing since (probably) the beginning of time. Fashions come and go, but society can’t change its views overnight. That’s why, when Jeanne Margaine-Lacroix began designing them, people were scandalized. The fashion of the time was bulky undergarments and heavy yards of fabric that covered a woman from head to toe. These new designs revealed a distinct lack of layers, exposing a woman’s shape, and making a bold statement. 

These women arrived at the Longchamp race course in Pars, and newspapers reported that the women were “a monstrosity.”
Reportedly, people were so shocked at the new fashion, they left immediately, ashamed to be seen with something so bold.
But the designer pressed forward, seeking new and even more outrageous styles that would eventually lead into the ‘Roaring 20’s,’ and over the next several decades, allow women to wear literally anything that they pleased.
Women everywhere should be thankful to those who risked a lot by choosing to be bold. These women were obviously born a century too early because they look absolutely fabulous.

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