Secretly A Millionaire, This Janitor Left Behind $8 Million And Donated It Upon His Death.

Ronald Read lived a quiet life. As a janitor for JC Penney and gas station attendant, he scrimped and saved every cent that he earned…but what his friends and family didn’t know was that for his entire life, he had been investing every spare dollar that he could.

“If he earned $50, he invested $40.”8.30a3Before he passed away, he owned 95 stocks in big named companies such as GE, CVS Heatlh, and JP Morgan Chase. He kept all of his paperwork by hand and secured his investment certificates in a safe deposit box. Decades passed and his fortunes grew with each penny earned, yet he still lived as if he was living off of his small salary as a janitor.

At 92, he surprised and shocked the people that knew him because they had absolutely no idea. Every morning, he would meet his close friends at the hospital to have breakfast. A cup of coffee and an English muffin smeared with a tablespoon of peanut butter was his predictable meal, and he always sat at the same spot at the counter. He was a consistent part of many lives, and all the while, he was a millionaire.

He donated his fortunes to the Brooks Memorial Library and the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, both places that he frequented often. They plan to put his donations to good use and renovate the aging part of their buildings…and following Read’s lead by investing what will be left over!


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