“Secret Santa” Sent Nearly $50,000 Check To Walmart Paying For Strangers’ Layaway Items

At a Walmart in Pennsylvania, a woman walked into the store with an important delivery. She told them her name was “Santa B.” She walked up to customer service and handed Walmart a cashier’s check for a total of $46,265.59, effectively paying off the debt for 194 layaway accounts.

While people are thanking Santa B., officials report that the name signed on the check was a male. Santa B. was the “delivery Santa,” leading others to believe that “Santa A.” must still be out there, plotting his next big move.

It turns out that Walmart isn’t a stranger to anonymous donations. This is the third year in a row that a Walmart in Pennsylvania has had its layaway accounts paid for by a stranger. In years past, over $150,000 has been paid off at Walmarts in the state by the elusive “Santa B.” But this year, it is the largest single donation that a store has received in 2016, and it has many customers extremely grateful.

One woman had placed an XBox for her grandson on layaway and still owed $75…but she wasn’t sure how she was going to finish paying it off by Christmas. She recently suffered complications from a surgery that forced her to stop working. Without any income, she thought it was a lost cause until the mysterious stranger suddenly paid off the remaining balance.

I’m just so thankful that he’s going to get it this year,” She said.

Spectators urge families that could have afforded their layaway items and were using Walmart’s layaway to “hide” their gifts from their families until Christmas Eve to donate the total of their gifts to a charity or homeless shelter and pay it forward.

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