Secret Santa Donated $10,000 To Animal Shelter! Shelter Uses Gift To Fund Adoptions!

In Durham, North Carolina, a secret Santa donated a huge amount of money as a present to a local animal shelter. The shelter, The Animal Protection Society of Durham, was in desperate need of the gift, as they were very near their 200-animal limit. Soon, they wouldn’t have been able to accept any more animals given to their shelter…and with the holidays coming to a close, expected a surge in kittens and puppies from people who gave unwanted pets as gifts.

A typical adoption fee can vary depending on the animal. Anywhere from $95 up to $150, the fee covers spay or neutering, medication, a microchip, tests, and vaccines to keep furry friends safe and healthy for their next step in life.

This fee is a bit steep, and as a result, many people put off adoption new animals until they can save up enough to both pay the fee and purchase the necessary items to keep an animal in their home. 

But thanks to this donation, the fees are being paid! The community member chose to remain anonymous, but the public is thankful! Hopefully, many people will be able to take home a new friend without cost and free up more space in the shelter! The Director, Shafonda Davis, made a public statement to thank the anonymous donor:

I would want them to know that their gift is saving hundreds of lives,” Davis said. “And we are so grateful for their generous donation.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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