Second-Time-Mom Is Exhausted And Tries To “Laugh Her Way Through The Symptoms”

Maya Vorderstrasse is a mother of two who underwent a difficult pregnancy. On top of the pain, discomfort, and symptoms, she was also caring for her firstborn daughter, who was still a baby. Over the course of her pregnancy, daughter began learning to walk which was utterly exhausting. Now, she was dealing with symptoms and chasing a baby around her house. She needed a new outlook on her situation and decided that while she couldn’t have other medications, laughter would have to be the best medicine!She wanted other women to relate and thought about each message that she would put on her letter board. Which symptoms were the worst? Was there anything silly happening? If she could encourage other mom-to-be’s, she’d do it through humor.

Her pictures went viral, and she got even more creative!

Since I use humor in my own life to deal with those things, I thought it would be nice to translate those symptoms into board messages, hoping people would also relate and think that we’re all normal and have very crappy days, and don’t always glow!” She wrote.

In the end, it was all worth it to welcome her newborn into the world. The healthy baby girl was born and the family couldn’t be happier. It may have been rough, but it was definitely worth it!

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