Sea Of Abandoned Bikes After A Festival Are Finally Being Put To Good Use

After 70,000 people abandoned thousands of bikes at the Burning Man festival in Nevada, it instantly got the attention of Matthew Rockwell. Over 5,000 bicycles had been left behind by festival goers and were scheduled to be tossed into the garbage. The photograph showed a sea of perfectly functional bikes in need of a good wash and a new home, and Rockwell instantly knew what to do with them. After the hurricanes flooding cars and homes in the south, Rockwell knew that families would be grateful for them.Thousands of cars were totaled after hurricane Harvey, but people still needed a way to get to and from work to try and rebuild their lives.

Meg Kiihne had the same idea, starting a fundraiser to ship discarded bikes to the Caribbean after hurricane Irma. Using bike-sharing programs will be essential for many families, and the donated bikes are exactly what many people needed.Finding ways to help is about practical solutions for many families, and while people work hard to recover from the damage, they are living with friends, relatives, and struggling to get to and from their jobs. With the thousands of bikes slowly being transported across the country, many hope to get back on their feet thanks to the generous efforts of two people who saw the perfect solution.

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