Scrawny Kittens Were Passed Over For Being “Too Ugly.” Here’s What They Look Like NOW!

These sickly kittens looked like something out of a horror movie when they were discovered wandering the streets. No one stopped to care that the kittens were suffering. Their fur was matted and brittle, their eyes were infected, and they would soon starve to death if no one took pity.

Luckily, a couple discovered them and looked past their gaunt faces. They took the kittens in and were determined to nurse them back to health. The kittens were nervous to be indoors, which made the couple think that the kittens had been born outdoors and abandoned shortly afterwards due to their thin frames.

They were inseparable as they recovered, but they slowly became accustomed to living with humans, even going so far as to allow cuddles after a few days!Now, several years later, the cats are stunning and would have been quickly adopted if they had been in a shelter. The story was a good lesson for many people, which is probably why it went so viral!Some animals might look sickly or unable to be saved…but with a little love, care, and attention, they just might be a diamond in the rough!

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