School Sends Letter To Dad Telling Him That His Son Will Be Obese. The Teacher’s Response? UGH!

Many schools around the world still use a flawed BMI system for calculating the “health” of students instead of leaving it to the medical professionals. They send out letters, which are sometimes opened by the students, or end up causing students to panic and take on unhealthy habits as a result of their “assessments.” Parents continuously plead for schools to leave these decisions to the pediatricians, but alas, this elementary school hasn’t listened.

They sent this letter to a dad in the U.K. stating that his son is “overweight” and warning him that his son will most likely be obese if he doesn’t take steps to change his lifestyle… Dad was furious. His son often comes home from school having skipped his meals and snacks, and as a family, they struggle to get their son to eat enough at the dinner table. So, dad had a meeting with his son’s teachers to get to the bottom of it all.

They admitted to noticing that the boy never finished meals and rarely ate snacks.

There’s not an ounce of fat on him. We asked the teacher about the results and she shrugged it off and said he’s short.” Dad said.

If the government is going to perform checks to combat childhood obesity, parents think that they should use common sense before sending home letters that even the teachers can see are false.
He wanted to share his story, hoping that other parents wouldn’t take these assessments too seriously.

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