School Asks Parents To “Dress In Appropriate Day Wear” When Taking Kid To School. One Mom Says: “No.”

Kate Chisholm, the headteacher at Skerne Park Academy in England was frustrated that parents were dropping their children off while wearing pajamas.

Basically it started with a few, then it went up to 10, then 20,” she said. “They were coming to parents’ evenings and Christmas concerts in pajamas as well. When it got to that point, I thought I might have to send a little letter out.”

Her main concern remained the fact that parents weren’t bothering to dress up while walking to school with their kids. She wanted parents to be an example for their children, and in her opinion, wearing pajamas was not a good one.10-14a1

Chisholm also says that she doesn’t care what parents wear at home, but if they care about their children “getting a job and bettering themselves, then they ought to get dressed.” So, what did parents do when they were personally criticized?

Karen Routh showed up to drop her child off in her pajamas. She had seen dozens of parents dropping their children off in “inappropriate” clothing such as tank tops, belly shirts, and short-shorts. Why should pajamas be criticized and more revealing clothing should not?10-14a2

Routh also thinks that Chisholm should be focusing on bigger issues than to nitpick a parent’s outfit.

And while many parents back Routh, others think the school is right to send a message to parents to help guide children instead of giving them “bad examples” of proper clothing.

While the school remains firm in its decision, the general public can’t decide if the school needs to back off, or if more parents should just get dressed and leave their pajamas at home.


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