Scary MRI Scanners Transformed Into Magical Adventures To Help Frightened Children

After witnessing a heartbreaking appointment for a young child, industrial designers from GE Healthcare, Erik Kemper and Doug Dietz, got creative and have so far transformed 27 MRI and CT scanners at children’s hospitals into fabulous wonderlands.

They had just finished designing a new scanner and were watching it in action…but the unexpected terror from the little girl being put into it gave them pause.

I see this young family coming down the hallway and I can tell as they get closer that the little girl is weeping. As they get even closer to me, I notice the father leans down and just goes ‘remember we talked about this, you can be brave.’

Everything was kind of like, beige. The room itself is kind of dark and has those flickering fluorescent lights. That machine that I had designed basically looked like a brick with a hole in it.” Dietz said, describing the room as looking “like a crime scene” with warning signs and tape on the floor to direct the patient into the “mouth” of the machine.

When the MRI began making a loud noise, the girl started to cry even more.
He took it as a challenge to design something that wouldn’t be so frightening for young children and got to work. Each machine was given a theme, technicians were given scripts to fit their “roles,” and children were the stars of the show. Instead of being scared, now children were excited to go on an adventure.Gone were the scary machines, and in their places were exciting plays brought to life.

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