“Scammer” From Liberia Reveals The Truth About His Village, And His Plea For Help Goes VIRAL!

A man named Taylor ran a YouTube channel and enjoyed making videos in his spare time. When he was contacted by a man from Liberia who had a strange proposition, and while it sounded like a scam, he figured that if he could waste the man’s time, it was time the man wouldn’t be able to spend scamming others. The man wanted Taylor to send him expensive electronics to sell in the Liberian markets, and he promised to split the profits 50/50. Instead, Taylor asked the man, named Joel, to take pictures of his home and community and that he would pay him for the pictures he liked.

At first, the pictures were terrible and taken on a very old camera. Taylor was intrigued. Most scammers wouldn’t have bothered, but Joel had gone out of his way to take and send pictures even though they weren’t very good. Taylor sent Joel a new camera costing $30 along with photography tips to help him get better.

The results were heartbreaking.Joel’s village was suffering, and it turned out that his initial request hadn’t been a scam at all.Taylor put all of Joel’s pictures into a photo book and sold them through a fundraising campaign. True to his agreement, he split the profits with Joel 50/50…but Taylor’s share went on to help the children in the village afford school supplies.Joel bought as many supplies as he could and delivered them to five schools in his area!
Joel hadn’t been a scammer, and if Taylor had brushed off the man’s strange request, hundreds of children wouldn’t have been gifted the supplies they needed to continue learning.

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