Say Hello To Qizai, The World’s One And Only Brown Panda

While scientists aren’t sure where Qizai got his strange colored fur from, they agree that he is cuter than regular pandas. (Probably.)

This 7-year-old panda was abandoned by his mother at only 2 months old in the Foping Panda Valley. The brown and white cub was heavily bullied by other pandas due to the color of his fur. Being just a few shades lighter than his fellow pandas seemed to put a target on his back and they were frequently caught stealing his bamboo. He is still a panda, and his mother is believed to also have had black and white fur, leading scientists to believe that his fur color is a genetic mutation.10-17a8Qizai was rescued and spends his days with a personal carer. He weighs over 220 pounds and loves to eat bamboo – over 44 pounds of it! – daily. Now that he is fully grown, experts are on the lookout to find a mate for Qizai. They hope to study his offspring and discover the source of his brown fur, hoping that they will allow scientists to pinpoint the origin of the mutation.10-17a7His keepers have also found that while Qizai is “cuter” than other pandas, he is slower as well. His general attitude has been described as “gentle, funny, and adorable.”

The mystery of the brown fur may take several years to discover, but scientists are waiting patiently to find out!


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