Saving This Kitten Cost Her An Entire Paycheck. Worth It!

It was a dreary, rainy day, and this couple was ready to stay cozy and warm for the rest of the evening…until they heard something strange coming from just outside. It sounded like an animal, and as they investigated, they realized that it sounded a lot like a kitten crying for help!

They rushed outside in spite of the rain and found an abandoned kitten soaking wet from the downpour. When she picked him up, he felt as cold as ice! She immediately began to snuggle him and took him inside to try and warm him up against her skin. They dried the kitten off and wrapped him in fleece, hoping he would recover from the shock.But they didn’t realize how poor the kitten’s health was, and he needed emergency medical care. The veterinarian discovered that the kitten was malnourished and might not survive. The couple insisted that the vet hospital do everything possible to try and save its life…After a three day stay in the hospital, the kitten pulled through! It also left them with a rather large vet bill that cost her entire paycheck. When she saw the amount, she turned to her fiance and just knew that it was worth it.

They were about to start their life together, and rescuing an adorable kitten from the brink of death? Priceless.

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