Saved By A Sandwich: Woman Speaks About Her Near-Death Experience

Ellen Meharey was just about to bring her dogs, Bella and Joey, out for their daily walk when she felt her stomach rumble in hunger. She had already gotten ready to go out with the dogs, but knew that their walk would be hot and long, and she didn’t want to start off with an empty stomach. She turned back into the kitchen instead of walking out the door – a decision that would save her life.

She had already skipped breakfast before going to church that morning, and skipping lunch too was just out of the question. She was putting her tray together when she heard and felt a horrible shake under her feet.
A truck had lost control and crashed into her yard, destroying her wheelchair ramp and stair railing. Ellen didn’t stop to think that she could have died. She was too concerned about the driver. The truck had turned onto its side, so Ellen called 911 for help.
The paramedics were on their way, and all there was to do was wait. She couldn’t leave her front door to check on the driver since she would have needed to use the wheelchair ramp…and that is when she realized how very narrowly she had escaped death that day.
The driver was thankfully uninjured, and Ellen’s decision to grab a bite to eat literally saved her life.

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