Sassy Wild Fox Breaks Into Nearby Home And Steals Cat’s Bed

She was about to go to work one brisk December morning when she realized something shocking: the animal in her cat’s bed was not her cat!

Earlier that morning around 4a.m., Melaney Blayze had gotten up to let her cat, George, out through the kitchen window, assuming that he would let himself back in when he was done. Unfortunately, it wasn’t George that came back in through the window! The fox hadn’t startled when she switched on the lights, and instead sat there passively long enough to make it clear that he wasn’t going anywhere. It was warm inside and freezing outdoors, so obviously he wasn’t going to leave anytime soon!When the lights flipped on, George must have noticed and burst in through the bathroom window, hissing and pawing at their uninvited guest…but the fox still didn’t move.

Blayze was nervous and knew that the fox could be very dangerous – it was a wild animal, after all – and tried to gently tip George’s bed to “dump” the fox out of it. Eventually, the fox became annoyed and hopped down through the window…but it stood outside and glared back at them, clearly missing the warmth!Once the panic was over, she realized the horrible smell that the fox had left behind. It reeked so badly that she had to scrub everything! The fox must have explored her house, as her couch also smelled terrible. She was glad that she’d kept her bedroom door closed…otherwise, she might have woken up to a terrifying surprise!

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