Santa Wine Glasses: Perfect Gifts, Or Hilarious Decorations?! Either Way, They Are EASY To DIY!

When it came time to think about what gifts to give to her friends, Madison decided to take matters into her own hands. One of her friends loved to collect unique wine glasses…but instead of going out to the store and purchasing one, she decided to create a fun and quirky glass on her own!

It was a fun idea: create a wine glass that represented Santa Claus!

She started by covering the stem and bottom half of a wine glass with glue. Then, she sprinkled red glitter onto the top half and silver glitter onto the bottom half. She created an ombre effect between the two colors by sprinkling silver over the red. She had to touch-up a few spots, but the glitter held very well to the glass.

She wiped away excess glue before it dried and moved on to the next step.

She covered all of the glitter in Mod Podge and left it to dry overnight. The clear coating kept the glitters from popping off with use and smoothed out the surface so that the glitter looked evenly coated.

Next, she threaded a black ribbon through a piece of white paper covered in silver glitter. It instantly became Santa’s “belt!” She glued the ribbon in place and waited for everything to dry completely.

Once the glue had dried, it was ready!The Mod Podge, she writes, was optional, but in the end it was a good decision. No stray glitters were falling off of this DIY wine glass! What do you think of her project? You can see more details here!

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