Santa Flower Pots Are The Most Festive Thing You’ll See All Year – And They’re EASY To DIY!

With the holidays fast approaching, adding small details of decoration makes a home feel festive and cozy – and while most of us don’t have a lot of time for big, elaborate decorations, we do have time for small crafts that will make a big impact! This adorable project brings “Santa” right to your front door! If you have already planned to set poinsettias in your entryway, this 15-minute project is the perfect way to kick it up a notch!

Gather your supplies! Two flower pots painted red, a strip of black ribbon, gold glitter foam sheets (adhesive is quickest!), white batting and a hot glue gun! You can substitute different items, of course, such as cotton balls instead of batting, glitter-covered cardboard, or black felt instead of ribbon – use what you have on hand!12-1z2After that, it’s fairly simple. Glue the black ribbon to the tops of the pots, glue the batting around the bottoms, and cut out a gold square to stick to the ribbon as Santa’s belt! That’s it, really. Set them outside and be festive all season long!12-1z3The square used in the picture above was 3″ by 3″, and the rest of it came together spontaneously. Who else is in love with this simple DIY project? It’s quirky and can easily be dismantled to re-use the pots once the holidays have passed! You can find more details on this project here.


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