Sanitation Workers Dig Through Tons Of Trash When Woman Loses $5,000 Dollars

Sanitation workers in Long Beach are getting some much-deserved praise for their actions when helping a distressed woman!

Bayban Nadalall accidentally threw out $5,000 dollars. While such a large amount of money would be enough to distress anyone, it was especially horrible for her because the money was meant to pay her mortgage!

The elderly woman was on her way to hand the payment over when she suddenly realized that the envelope was no longer with her. She had set the envelope aside the night before…but realized that she must have accidentally tossed it in the trash with other items.

She called her son immediately, who happens to be a sanitation worker himself. He told three of his co-workers, and the trio set off to sift through the loads of trash that had arrived at the Merrick Transfer Station.

Incredibly, they were able to find the missing envelope and recovered nearly all of the cash.

The envelope had opened during transit, but Nadalall only ended up losing $40 that had fallen into the rubbish and couldn’t be found. She offered a reward to the workers and her son, but they all refused.

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