“Sand Whisperer” Finds And Returns A Woman’s Lost Ring Against Incredible Odds!

A needle in a haystack would be easier to find than this woman’s predicament. While swimming with her family, she took off her jewelry to slather her children in sun block. She handed the pieces, including her wedding ring, to her husband to put in his pocket and keep safe. However, he isn’t sure whether it fell out during the day or if the pieces ever even made it into his pocket in the first place. At the end of the day, she asked her husband for her jewelry back…and it was with a heavy heart that they both realized the ring and other pieces had gone missing.

She took her grief to Facebook, and although she knew it was a longshot, begged her friends and family to share the post in case anyone happened to stumble across the ring on the beach. Eventually, Mike Jandis saw the post and thought he would try to help out.7

He regularly spends his days combing the Long Island beaches for lost items with his metal detector and in the past has found over 100 lost rings along with hundreds of other items. He went out and began his search, hoping that he could help. He didn’t know if the ring was worth $100 or $200,000…he just wanted to return the ring to the distraught couple!

Miraculously, he discovered the ring in under 5 minutes. He jokes that his friends call him “The Sand Whisperer,” and in this case, he proves that it is a very accurate nickname!

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