Salem, Oregon Can’t Figure Out Who “Benny” Is, But His Actions Are CHANGING The Community!

Known only to the public as “Benny,” this mystery philanthropist has been leaving $100 bills all over the city of Salem, Oregon. It started in 2013, and it hasn’t stopped since. People began discovering the bills in random spots around their town, and it is estimated that over $51,000 have been left in different locations.

He signs the bills with “Benny,” and no one is sure if that is a man, woman, nickname, or an alias. The mysterious bills have been found in cereal boxes, baby strollers, and in some of the most curious (but still able to be spotted) places. Several were even found in a WalMart shopping center, and each one is signed in that same nickname: “Benny”7.19a3

It has been going on for a few years now, and people have started to encourage each other to donate the cash as positive reinforcement to their communities. When someone discovers one, they are bestowed the nickname “Benny-ficiaries” and take pictures of themselves giving the money away to different charities, shelters, and people in need.

They don’t hold onto their treasures. Instead, they give them to local schools, food banks…really, anything besides using the cash for themselves. Some use the cash to buy groceries for their families if they are in need, and thank “Benny” online.7.19a4

The first Benny-ficiary? A Cub Scout who discovered the bill while selling popcorn outside of a store for donations. Whomever Benny is, the community is very, very grateful!

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