Saddest Kitty Was Going To Be Put Down. He Looks Completely Different Just HOURS After Adoption!

BenBen the cat was given the worst analysis after his trip to the veterinarian: “unadoptable.” BenBen had suffered from a crushed spine, deep cuts, and had a cauliflower ear. In order to live day to day, he would need a constant regimen of medications to manage his pain. On top of that, the vet couldn’t guarantee that BenBen would ever walk again, and the likelihood of him ever being adopted was too low. They decided to end his suffering and scheduled him to be put down.

Due to a condition that left his face with excess skin, BenBen always looked miserable. That strange expression combined with his other challenges, the shelter thought that they were doing him a favor…but when one brave woman saw his adorable face, everything changed.She had been working at an emergency vet clinic when she heard about the poor cat that just wasn’t going to make it…and knew that she needed to save him! She rushed to the shelter with her boyfriend to meet BenBen and it was love at first sight!

The couple didn’t have a cat, but they weren’t going to give up on BenBen, even if he would be a lot of work. They let BenBen get used to their home and encouraged him to follow his whims…

And he began to move, walk, and can even jump a short distance despite his injured spine! His will to live was renewed thanks to the faith showed by his new humans!

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