“Saddest Cat” Finally Finds A New Home!

Watch out, world’s saddest cat, there is a new contender in town! A sad ginger cat named Nutmeg has one of the most heartbreaking expressions ever seen on an animal, and after people learned about his tragic history, they completely understood!

At just 5-years-old, Nutmeg was found emaciated, wounded, and terrified, afraid of everyone and everything. He was battling a very serious nasal infection that caused his permanent “sad” expression.

The administrative staff at the Lollypop Farm took him under their wings, spending as much time with him as they could to help him learn to trust again. After several months, he was able to socialize with the other rescue cats and began to wait for a new human to adopt him into their home. After nine months of waiting, a couple came to the shelter and instantly fell in love with Nutmeg!

They had seen his picture online and just had to come and say hello! Nutmeg immediately warmed up to them, purring and letting them put him – a sure sign that he had found his perfect humans!
While Nutmeg might still look very sad, he loves to play and cuddle. The couple reported that he was getting along with everyone in their home and that they couldn’t be happier with their newest addition to the family!

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