“Saddest Cat” Chirps And Purrs At Visitors, Hoping For Love

Vienna the cat arrived with several others to the BARCS Animal Shelter when her owner was no longer able to care for them. The elderly woman surrendered her cats to the shelter, hoping that some kind soul might take them in. Her cats were old, too…but she had hope.

The cats were not in good shape, with Vienna in particular was suffering from a variety of ailments caused by fleas. Her fleas were so aggressive that she was in danger of dying. Vienna was now anemic and was no longer eating or drinking and the medical staff knew that they’d need to work fast to save Vienna’s life. Living in the shelter was giving Vienna anxiety, which made it hard for her to eat or put any weight on. The shelter decided to share her picture and story on Facebook. Being taken into a loving home was really the only thing left that could save her.

Then one day, it paid off! Vienna had been sharing a cage with a cat named Elvis, and when one kind stranger walked past…Vienna chirped and blinked, waving her bushy tail as if to say, “I’m here! You found me!” Vienna chose her new owner that day, and the person took one look at the pair of cats and knew it was a match instantly!

Despite the medical needs of both cats, they were adopted and are expected to live out the rest of their lives lounging on cushions and cuddling!

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