“Sad Papaw” Had Been Stood Up By His Grandkids…But When Hundreds Of Strangers Heard, They Threw Him A BBQ!

When Kelsey posted this picture of her Papaw, she had no idea that overnight, her post would go VIRAL. Her papaw had planned a dinner for his grandchildren, and prepared a hearty meal of homemade burgers for all 6 of the kids. When only 1 showed up, he was understandably sad. Kelsey took this picture as he ate his burger and fries, feeling bad for him.


Of course, the internet got a hold of the story and it spread like wildfire! She even had to post a second tweet asking people to stop harassing her cousins (you know, the ones that didn’t show up to papaw’s dinner).


But that tweet wasn’t enough for the cousins! They got together and brainstormed a way to make it up to their “Sad Papaw” and decided that a community cookout would be a fun way to get everyone together. In order to pay for the cookout, they created T-Shirts and hats that read “I had a burger with sad papaw” that would be sold for $16 and $11, respectively. The cookout admission price was only $2.


A few people drove across the country to take a selfie with Sad Papaw, enjoying the burgers and making his day! He had a lot of fun signing his autograph and meeting the hundreds of people who came out just to meet him! All excess proceeds were given to Sad Papaw to do with as he wished! This sweet old man definitely deserved it!

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