Russian Cat Saves An Infant Abandoned In The Cold! He Could Have Died!

In the city of Obninsk, a small baby was abandoned in the stairwell of an apartment block. He was left in a cardboard box with extra diapers and formula, but he was freezing. He was crying when Masha, the neighborhood cat heard his cries and came to investigate. She realized that the baby was cold and alone. She decided to do something about it.

She got into the box with the infant and curled around him. Soon, his cries quieted, and they waited for help.

One woman heard Masha’s loud cries and noticed the cat sitting in the box. She thought it was strange and rushed to help. She assumed that the cat was injured because Masha didn’t move when the woman called over to her. She picked the cat up out of the box, and that is when she realized that the cat was guarding the infant.

She called emergency services who immediately put the baby in an ambulance and drove him to the hospital to get checked out. Masha was reported to have chased after the ambulance, anxious that the baby was being taken away.

The doctors have estimated that the baby was less than 12 weeks old, but in good health otherwise.

They have been trying to find the parents of the infant, but have been unsuccessful. They believe that the parents didn’t mean any harm in abandoning the child as he was left with clean clothing and spare supplies.
7.1a21The baby is safe and in good hands now, thanks to one brave, smart cat.

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