Running Low On Funds To Decorate For Fall? Use Old Fabric And Toilet Paper To Create PUMPKINS!

More than likely, you’ll be able to create these cute and easy pumpkins with scraps that you have lying around your home! They make great gifts for the holiday season…and after you’re done with them, they are functional, too! She started by grabbing some spare toilet paper rolls and old swatches of fabric cut large enough to loosely surround the rolls.

She set the toilet paper roll on top of a large square of fabric and carefully glued the edged to the inside of the roll, layering them in a “pumpkin” shape as she went along. The creases on the outside of the roll are very convincing!9-13a9The next step was to create the “stem.” This can be made by crumpling and rolling dark construction paper or by sticking cinnamon sticks into the top of the toilet paper roll. Add real or fake leaves to the stems! If you make more than one, the type of fabric doesn’t have to match, as you can see in her examples. 9-13a8While they can’t necessarily be displayed outside due to the dissolving nature of toilet paper, they make the perfect bathroom decorations, and they sit well on window sills or kitchen tables. No one will know that they are made of spare rolls of toilet paper, and you’ll be able to make use of that extra fabric you’ve probably got lying around in your craft room! Win-win!

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