Runaway Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse, Jumps 6-Foot-Fence, Evades Police For 11 Days

Over a decade ago, this brave cow made history by successfully pulling off a mad escape plan that eventually gained her back her freedom from the slaughterhouse. On February 15, 2002, the 1,050-pound cow elegantly leaped over a 6-foot fence and escaped. Ken Meyers Meats realized that they had lost one cow and notified officials. The cow avoided traps, tranquilizer darts, and pursuit by police for 11 days…but was eventually captured.

By this time, animal activists had gotten wind of the story and were adamant that the cow not be sent back to the slaughterhouse. The Cincinnati Zoo refused to take in the homeless cow, giving the reason that she couldn’t be safely contained. No one was sure what to do with her.
Local artist, Peter Max, decided to take charge, donating what ended up being $180,000 worth of paintings to the SPCA auction. In return, he was able to take custody of the cow and gave her the name Cincinnati Freedom!

She was given a key to the city and a permanent home at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter where she spend the next 6 years living peacefully! She had earned her freedom and people were glad to see this cow escape from certain death.

However, in 2008, she passed away from cancer. The story of the brave cow that refused to be killed still circulates around the internet every few years, inspiring and uplifting people with her bovine bravery.

Cincinnati Freedom may be gone, but she won’t be forgotten!

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