“Rubik’s Cakes” Are The New Thing. They’re Too Pretty To Eat!

If you’ve never heard of the French chef Cedric Grolet, there’s really no better introduction than a glance at his famous Rubik’s cakes. According to the Relais Desserts association, he was the top pastry chef of 2016! After seeing these mesmerizing works of art, that title makes complete sense.

The running theme through these works is geometric shapes. The edible art is so pretty, it’s hard to eat. The little petit fours are the perfect size for dinner parties and special events. Each cake serves 4 to 6 people!Fans of Rubik’s cubes agree that these desserts are beautiful…but they are also unsolvable! “Too many colors and patterns make these impossible to solve. I’d still eat it though.” Says one comment.The cakes come is large and small sizes, and the bigger ones have individual cubes that are several inches tall! Critics of the cubes say that they wished he had used different ingredients for the cubes as fondant over petit fours usually makes them taste too sweet. We’re willing to bet that these little dessert cubes are a step above the rest!

Party planners are always looking for the most unique touches to add to special events – maybe you’ll see a cake like this in the future!

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