Rogue Emu Startles Villagers After Escaping From The Farm

Imagine a regular day just like any other. The snow is falling, the wind is blowing, and you’ve got to get all bundled up before you can even open the door. You’re pulling on your boots, wrapping your scarf, and preparing to put on your gloves when suddenly, out of nowhere, a strange sound catches your attention. Bounding down the street, an emu approaches.

Would you stare on in confusion…or grab your camera?! That’s what one woman did, and the results went viral!

After escaping the farm, this enormous emu went on an afternoon jaunt through the village, startling people everywhere that it went! Eventually, the owners realized what had happened and began to chase after it…but the emu was determined to have the best day ever!

It ran down the street and didn’t both to look both ways before crossing through intersections. Eventually, they chased it through the graveyard and managed to put the renegade bird into a headlock.

It was the only way to get the bird home safely!

Luckily, the emu wasn’t harmed, and no damage was done! It was taken back to the farm to keep warm…and hopefully given a treat after its amazing adventure!

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