“Ribbon Eyeliner” Is A Thing. 2016 Welcomes A New Trend…Will You Be Trying This?

Glitter roots, hidden rainbows, flower beards, and glow-in-the-dark hair, it seems like nothing is off limits to fashionistas looking for the next big thing. Now, people everywhere are swirling their eyeliner into double-helix shapes with bold colors, rainbow shades, and a lot of creativity.

While many women struggle to make a single, smooth “swoop” with their eyeliner, these makeup artists are able to go above and beyond with their liner skills, stunning the world with their artwork.

9-22a10Some designs are so complicated, they are confusing. The details from fading through different colors and overlapping strands are hypnotizing.9-22a11Some are simple, using only two or three colors to create the illusion.9-22a12Matte or glitter, the different shades and textures bring a new dimension to the eyes. Worn with or without eye shadow, the star of the show is definitely the swirling strand of glitter.9-22a13Pastels and golds and rainbows, the only thing limiting these artists is the colors they have on hand to work with.9-22a14The trend has taken the makeup community by storm, and people are excited to try and recreate the look themselves.

While the look is exciting and new, many women are waiting for a trend that they might be able to wear to the workplace. There are countless trends that are meant for clubbing, dancing, partying, or hitting the bars after work, but many of these wouldn’t be accepted in the office. What do you think of these trends? Would you wear them anyway, regardless of office policy?


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