Retired Marine Carried American Flag All 26.2 Miles During Boston Marathon – His Story Is Amazing

Running a marathon is tough work and not everyone can do it. Thousands of hours of training prepare runners for a grueling challenge of completing a 26.2-mile route, but people still do it year after year.

Staff Sgt. Jose Luis Sanchez knew that he could run the race, but his story isn’t about being able to run – it’s about hope.

In 2011, Sanchez stepped on an IED during a tour in Afghanistan that caused him to lose part of his left leg. He became anti-social, depressed, and angry. A short while after coming home, he received a package in the mail signed by people in the places he had toured….but just just couldn’t bring himself to look at it. It reminded him of the worst time of his life.

Five years later, he decided to look at it…and realized that it was covered in messages of support and love. Seeing the messages inspired him to join society and fly the flag in their honor. He realized that he wasn’t the only person fighting and sacrificing.  

So I’ve learned that throughout being angry, frustrated with all that PTSD, I’m channeling it to something positive to give back whatever I’ve taken away from the community.” He said.

He ran the marathon. He crossed the finish line. And he carried the flag representing everyone who had sacrificed the entire time – all 26.2 miles.

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