Restaurant Owner Spotted Car Parked Overnight In Parking Lot And Left This Note On The Windshield

Tuesday nights are this restaurant’s biggest nights. They sell discounted chicken wings and have specials on alcohol that drive their sales through the roof, but while this restaurant and pub might rejoice in the fact that people are enjoying themselves on a Tuesday night, they do not rejoice when drivers choose to get in their cars and endanger other drivers.

So, when Jay McLean learned of a car that spent the night in his parking lot, he decided to leave this note on the windshield for the customer who made a bold decision late in the night.

10-20a12The note thanked the customer for leaving their car instead of driving drunk. Even if they weren’t drunk and decided to drive a friend home instead of themselves, McLean thought that the action should be rewarded. Instead of towing the car away, as most other restaurants would have done, McLean left a voucher for an entire pound of “our delicious chicken wings.”

The gesture was shared online where thousands of people praised the action.

Life is valuable, have a great weekend.”

‘If more businesses reacted this way, maybe there would be less drunk driving incidents. If there were rewards in place for doing the right thing instead of punishments for doing wrong, would anything really change?’ The comments asked, strangers debating among themselves and sharing their own run-ins with drunk drivers.

While there may not be a perfect answer, the conversation has opened the topic to new methods, and hopefully, we will see an end to drunk driving once and for all.


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