Rescued Pit Bull Found Nursing 2-Day-Old Kitten

When Pittie, a stray pit bull, was found on the side of the road, no one was sure what to think. Most people are frightened of pit bulls and have been led to believe that they are vicious by nature. But rescuers quickly realized that this pit bull had just given birth due to her swollen mammary glands…but as they came closer, realized that she wasn’t nursing a litter of pups – she was nursing a kitten!11-21a4The kitten was so young, she hadn’t even been able to open her eyes. Even as the veterinarian nursed the kitten with a bottle of milk, Pittie wouldn’t be separated from the tiny animal. Pittie’s milk had begun to dry up and there was nothing she could do, but her mothering instincts had kicked into high gear at the sight of the kitten.

The vet reported that they were placing the small kitten among the litter of a nursing mother cat who was also staying in the clinic, so the kitten would be given a better chance at life.  11-21a5Pittie was understandably upset when the kitten was taken from her care, but the story and pictures of the pair was going viral, and the clinic is positive that Pittie will be adopted sooner rather than later. He kind demeanor showed compassion that any family would be lucky to welcome into their own home!

What do you think of this unlikely pair?


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