Rescued Pigs Don’t Give Up, Even After One Gets Sick!

When Henry and Horton were rescued from heartbreaking conditions, their new carers weren’t sure that they would survive. Not only were they infected with parasites, they had been deprived of food and water. The brothers were nothing but skin and bones, but to their rescuers’ surprise, they hadn’t completely lost their hope.

The brothers were terrified of humans, probably due to how they had been treated in the past, but as long as they were together, they were happy. They were happy, that is, until Horton got sick. The vet discovered that during their recovery process, Horton had gained more weight than his body could support. After so much time living in neglect, he wasn’t physically capable of moving around without intense pain. He would need an operation and medication to recover, and during that time, he wasn’t able to move.

When Henry realized that Horton couldn’t move, he would bring food back to his brother. No matter what it was, Henry would take a mouthful to Horton before he would feed himself.
Even though they had been through so much together, they formed a bond that would never break. They were free, happy, and for the first time in a long time, they were healthy. They could have gone their separate ways, but instead they stuck together in the most heart warming way!

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