Rescue Was Scared Of Everyone…Until She Met This Baby!

Elizabeth Spence and her husband are no stranger to rescue animals that need a little extra love and attention, but when they took Nora into their home, they noticed that she was a little different. The 8-year-old English pointer was nervous and scared around everyone. Her abusive past was holding her back from giving or receiving affection, and her new adoptive parents didn’t know what to do for her.

But the Spence family had just welcomed a new member into their family; baby Archie. When Nora finally met the little baby, she fell in love. Nothing could separate the pair, not even nap time! When it was time for Archie’s bath, Nora would lie on the bathmat in the bathroom to wait for him. When it’s time for breakfast, Nora wants to snuggle up on the couch next to the nursing baby. If Archie is exploring in the tupperware cabinet, Nora is right there with him, playing along.The pair has become inseparable, and Nora has finally learned to love thanks to her newfound friendship with Archie. Learning to open our hearts again after heartbreak and betrayal is one of the most difficult things in the world, but with Archie’s help, Nora makes it look easy.

Hopefully, Nora can make a full recovery and mend her heart, and Archie can rely on his new best friend for many years to come. Nora may be older, but she’s still young at heart!


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