Removing Warts With Duct Tape? Apparently, It’s Possible!

The go-to treatment for warts in the past has been cryotherapy. Sounds familiar? It should! Basically, the treatment is to “freeze” the warts off using liquid nitrogen. It doesn’t always work, and it doesn’t have a 100% success rate. In fact, according to one study, that percentage should be much, much lower!


Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine conducted an experiment to see if using duct tape (of all things!) would successfully remove a wart instead of using the liquid nitrogen.

They set it up and got to work!

They got a group of 51 patients (aged 3 to 22) and split them relatively in half.

26 patients were going to try the duct tape method, and 25 patients were going to be treated with liquid nitrogen.

The 26 patients using duct tape were given a very specific set of instructions. They were to apply a small patch of duct tape to the wart and leave it on for six days. If the tape fell off, they were to replace it immediately. After those six days were up, they were instructed to take the tape off, wet the wart, and use a pumice stone to rub away at the wart. For half a day, they could let the wart “breathe” without duct tape, but after 12 hours, it was time to start the 6-day process over again.

After 2 months, they were to report back with their findings. Either the warts would be gone before the 2 month mark, or the treatment should have drastically reduced the size of the wart.

Out of the 26 patients chosen to use duct tape, 22 reported that their warts had vanished! A stunning 85%!

The group that had been using the liquid nitrogen had much worse results. Only 15 out of 25 could boast wart-free skin. Only 60% of patients had success.

What did we learn?

For one, this experiment needs a lot more…well, more. More people need to try this out. The same kinds of warts need to be studied. People the same age need to be involved.

But hey, if duct tape will remove my wart in only 2 months, it’s worth a shot at this cheap and easy DIY, right? I don’t know…would you try this DIY method?

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